Midwest Charity Begins at Home assistance

Providing financial assistance for Midwest families in need due to serious illness.

Golden Hearts

$200 grants for Midwest residents in need – over 65 years of age.


Midwest Charity Begins at Home is such an amazing cause helping families with their financial stress while they are dealing with illness, heart ache and unfortunate circumstances. Such beautiful people doing all they can to help. We know all too well the heart ache and the extent these beautiful people will go to help in anyway possible. 

Shae was the 2009 recipient at only 6 months old and he is now a happy, healthy, full on active, gorgeous 8 year old boy 💙💙 we will be forever grateful for all the help this charity gave to us at such an awful, trying and unpredictable time… Thank you to everyone who contributes to this cause , your all amazing. 💖the Deters Family x

Travelling regularly from Mullewa to Geraldton for medical treatment has become the norm for this gorgeous couple. Jim has been battling numerous cancers and health issues for a long time and the ongoing costs of treatment, travel and living expenses can certainly take its toll.

To help cover their medical costs, Jim & Vicki come into town every Sunday and hold a stall at the Platform markets selling jam and pickles that they make during the week.

They are an incredible ‘salt of the earth’ couple whose wicked sense of humour and love for each other is more powerful than any illness and we are absolutely honoured to have met them and to be able to contribute to the long journey they have ahead.

If you’re at the Platform markets – call in and say Hi!!

Thank-you again, from the bottom of our hearts, Andy, myself and our children appreciate all the help and support we have received and we still continue to receive.   We are very thankful to be living in such a loving, giving and thoughtful community. 

As an update I was 4 weeks post op yesterday, I am doing well but it is a slow recovery and some days can feel like I am going backwards but it is still early days yet. 😊   Thank you every for your well wishes and messages of support ❤️