Financial Assistance


Applications can be filled out by a family member or friend, but must be signed by the applicant. Drs certificates are required as is all requested paperwork on the application form. Applicant must live in the Midwest area as per the Midwest region map above. The applicant must be in financial need. Documents maybe required to support application. Applicants must have a serious illness not a disability. All applications will be carefully considered, however decisions as to eligibility for assistance are at the absolute discretion of the management committee of Midwest Charity Begins at Home Inc.  If you have any questions please contact us at

Originally our mission was to help individuals and families affected by financial hardship due to dealing with cancer. In 2011 we opened the nominations up to anyone dealing with a serious illness.

Since 2008 we have assisted over 300 families in the Midwest Region.

If you would like to nominate someone as a recipient please download the Midwest Charity Begins at Home Application form and email to

Nominees must be located in the Midwest region.

You need to have lived in the Midwest region for more than 12 months, please refer to the map above.

Yes you need to have a signed doctor’s certificate stating your serious illness.

Yes you can.  The person who the application is for will need to sign the form and give their consent to applying.

Once your application has been received you will be sent a confirmation email. Our applications team meets once a month to assess applications.