Our Board

Anne-Maree Hopkinson
President - Anne-Maree Hopkinson
Andy Horstman
Vice President - Andy Horstman
Treasurer - Peter Brown
Onika Routledge
Secretary - Onika Routledge
Michael Librizzi
Board Member - Michael Librizzi
Andrew Horstman
Board Member - Andrew Horstman
Joanne Blaney
Secretary - Joanne Blaney

Our Gala Committee

Gala Committee Members (left to right) Andy Horstman, Michelle Ralph, Hannah Buise, Jasmine Bunter, Anne-Marie Hopkinson, Jemma Langley & Gala Co-ordinator Onika Routledge


Our devoted committee members and volunteers

Over the last 15 years the Midwest Charity Begins at Home has been fundraising and helping community members in the Midwest. We have had a number of amazing Committee members who have help mould the Charity into what it is today.

We are forever grateful.
Many hands make light work. x