Tip it Forward

This fundraising initiative aims to be a win-win for everyone involved. Midwest Charity Begins at Home Inc have created our own little ‘houses of love’ to collect your loose change.

​With supplies from Bunnings, these gorgeous little houses have been lovingly handcrafted by the wonderful team at Menshed Geralston, then hand painted by the talented Amanda Mirragliotta and finally finished off with stickers from the team at Kick Solutions – a truly local project!

​When the loose change builds up in the ‘house’, we turn that change into a voucher from the store hosting the donation house and distribute the voucher to our recipients to spread a bit of love and joy through their hardship.  Even if your business is not suited to vouchers, the houses can be used as a coin collection point.

MWCBAH arrange delivery, collection, voucher purchase and distribution to our recipients to redeem in the host’s store.

​To arrange delivery of your ‘Charity house’, please email us at info@charitybeginsathome.org.au